Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Eye exams detect reasons for your vision changes and eye discomfort. Many eye conditions have no symptoms but can have very serious consequences for your eyes and general health if not detected early. We encourage yearly, dilated exams for all patients, and are happy to send a reminder when you are due for your exam.

Specialists in All Types of Contact Lenses

We fit all types of lenses, including contacts for astigmatism, multifocals, colors, and specialty contacts for medical problems such as Keratoconus. We routinely fit the most difficult cases, so if you have been told you are not a candidate for contacts, we'd be happy to evaluate your eyes to see if you can wear them. You can order replacement contacts on line through our office at Click Here to see many of the types of lenses we fit.

Co-Management of Laser and Cataract Surgery

We participate in every aspect of your eye care. If you need surgery, we will initiate the appropriate referral to the best surgeon for your eye condition. We will continue to follow you after treatment to insure you have the best possible outcome from your surgery. We will prescribe any post-op glasses or contacts for you, if necessary.

Frame Styling in Our Optical Shop

We have large selection of the latest frame styles, from high end fashion frames to frames for the most budget conscious patients. Our experienced opticians will be sure your eyewear is appropriate for your needs, and will keep your glasses adjusted for your comfort. Click Here to see some of the frames we carry.

Up To Date Lens Selection

We taylor your lenses for your lifestyle, whether you participate in sports, need special work lenses or have other specialized vision services. We carry all types of lens styles and materials for your best vision and comfort.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

We are trained to treat most types of eye diseases, ranging from dry eye, pink eye, allergy, corneal abrasions, and foreign body removal to glaucoma. We accept most types of medical insurance for your convenience.